Link to the Parish Plan

A Parish plan is

 A community owned process
All inclusive
A consultation process
A detailed survey of your community
An action plan
A great enhancer of community spirit
A Parish plan is not
A Parish Council project but is supported by them
Based on a questionnaire constructed from the perspective of the Prish plan team
A village design statement
And definitely not a glossy document to be left duty on the bookshelf
Manston Parish Plan
Started with the Annual Parish Meeting 28/3/07 speaker Victoria Lawson from Action with Communities in Rural Kent (ACRK)
Interest Ratified by Parish Council April 2007
30 June 2007 Rex Goodban & Nicki Carmody attended all day Parish Plan seminar organised by ARCK
28 July 2007 Funday display and enquiry area
Application to Defra for funding.
25 September 2007 initial meeting of steering group in Jolly Farmer about 11 people
16 October 2007 Victoria Lawson at meeting in Jolly Farmer 6 attendees
Various small group meetings over next 3-4 weeks
10 November 2007 Parish Plan Launch at Manston Village Hall
Comments collated
29 Jan 2008 –Village Hall -14 attendees – Introduced new members to the concept of a Parish Plan. Philip printed copies of comments and it was decided what we wanted to achieve with a questionnaire.
Initially those experienced in each field would set questions then would return to group for general input
Aim is to get community working together
Everyone would come back with other ideas of what was wanted to achieve
13 February 2008 Village Hall– 10 attendees – Deliberated over questions supplied by members of group
27 February 2008 Village Hall– 10 attendees – Went through questionnaire thoroughly. Discussed report to ARCK
12 March 2008 Village Hall– 8 attendees- Updates on TDC, copyright on map, and ARCK. Finalised questionnaire. 

18 March 2008 – Peter’s house – 7 attendees – final print copy to go to printers of questionnaire agreed.

 April 2008 – Questionaires delivered and collected

8 November 2008 – Public exhibition and consultation in the Village Hall – 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm

August 2009 – Draft Plan published

During this period there were many email communications. The group has changed considerably from those that organised launch to those that organised questionnaire.
The Parish Plan is a community owned process, through consultation.
It is intended to gather your views to enable the production of an action plan to give Manston a voice.
This project is being drawn together by independent members of your community
The questionnaire helped to determine the opinions of the Parish. Some things may require support from other sources, which could be expertise, time or money. A Parish Plan provides the evidence which could mean the difference between receiving help and grant funding or not.